About us

If we are to drive forward that essential mission, there is one essential. Good writing. In order to persuade, we have to stimulate: sometimes, indeed, we will live up to our name and provoke. We must offer stylish substance and witty wisdom. Of making many e-mails there is no end. In a world deluged with print we will offer quality, not quantity.

We must also engage with detail. Housing is crucial: the property-owning democracy is the basis of modern Conservatism's electoral appeal. Education is also vital. Along with housing, it is the road to opportunity for all. On that subject, we must find ways of re-uniting the underclass with the rest of society.

Provocateur's primary mission is political. But what do they know of politics who only politics know? I detect a growing interest in religion, which is not reflected in most press coverage. We should be a forum for religious debate, and disagreement. 

There are other non-political topics, of lesser importance than religion - though some might disagree - on which we could offer entertainment. Books, the arts, restaurants are obvious examples. Nor will we neglect the wisdom of the hunting field. Since the war, there has been no more luminous account of the Tory temperament than Roger Scruton's On Hunting, which should be sub-titled 'from horse-shit to heaven: the search for love, order and God.' Whenever possible, we should leaven our coverage with 'all things original, counter, spare, strange:' with 'What fools these mortals be.'

A reader who has persevered this far may be growing restive: what, still no mention of Brexit? Provocateur will not take an editorial position. We should be the paper where both sides can make their case, while we probe their arguments. Ideally, this should not be restricted to Britain. The Brexit argument obscures the latent disagreements on the continent: Barnier versus Juncker. We have to start with the UK, but it is easy to exaggerate the scale of consensus on the European mainland.

Finally, a reassurance and a conclusion. First, political correctness. Let no-one doubt our commitment to that great goal.

We are determined to ensure that every political fact on our pages will be correct.

Second, a point not often associated with political correctness: enjoyment. Provocateur must be serious. We will have to engage with the world's glooms. But we should also be piquant.

We want our readers to look forward to being entertained as well as informed. Provocateur should be fun.